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The Davis Corner

August 15, 2022

Family Trip to Rigby

We took a quick, last minute trip to Rigby Idaho before school starts up again.  It's crazy how quickly the summer has gone by.  It's sad to think about this being Carter's last year of high school.  We want to create as many family moments as we can before he's off!  

This was the end of the river they floated!

Cade and Carter. 

Dad and Drew playing pooh sticks.  Drew loves that game so much!

This is the beginning of where they floated.  This is the backyard of the house we stayed in.  The kids played in the water so much!  It was dirty, but fun. 

Sometimes it's hard to get this guy to smile.  But he's always happy so that's good. :)

We played volleyball tons!  We brought the big net and played.  I didn't get a picture of it though!  Our McCall trip got canceled this year because Helen didn't feel great.  Super sad, but glad we could make a few memories before sending our kids off to school.  3 my boys! 



July 28, 2022

We made a Bear Lake trip for a few days with C and T's friends.  It was super fun.  Sharli got stuck in the sand which is always a fun adventure! :)



October 8, 2020

Carter's SV Golf 2020

Sky View golf season 2020!  Carter was so incredible this year!  He earned a spot in the state tournament, and shot a 79 on the last day.  It's been so great watching him improve, and gain a love of golf.  He has incredible teammates, and coaches.  

Hayden, Zach, Carter 
I didn't know how much I would love to go and watch Carter play.  It sounded so boring at first, but it was something that I looked forward to so much!  Carter has such a level head, and does so well under pressure!
Carter called Papa his good luck charm on the last day of state.  Papa didn't miss many matches!  :)
Carter and Spencer. 

Bonus for me I got to hang out with Tara a bunch.  Love my T. :)

Region Golf! 



March 10, 2020

Hogle Zoo with Baby Drew!

This past week we headed down to SLC to get our car fixed and go to Hogle Zoo.  Drew has a deep love for animals, so this was right up his alley.  He ran around like a crazy psycho with his cousins just happy as can be.  The weather was perfect, and it was so fun to hang out with Whit. 

I had so many emotions that day with it just being Drew and I.  It felt like for just a moment I was a first time Mom again with one child.  It was an odd feeling it being just us two.  He's such a fun baby to hang out with.  So easy going, and really has the best personality.  I'm so grateful he decided to sneak his way into our home.  He's the best caboose a Mom could ask for.

 The best tour guide around. 

We went on the carousel three times.  The first two times Drew really wanted the lion, but the line was just too long.  The third time he took off for it and luckily a little boy passed it up for the peacock.  Lucky little boy loves lions so much! 

Love you my baby Drew.  -Mom

January 27, 2020

6 Years Later!

I've been absent from this blog for 6 years now.  It's time to start journaling again!  I'll start with our new family pictures.  Our boys are growing up.  Carter is 15 (freshman), Tanner is 14 (8th grade), Hayden is 11 (5th grade), KJ is 9 (3rd grade)and baby Drew is 22 months old (moms BFF).  We are loving this time of life.  Our boys are pure JOY! 

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