July 26, 2010


I love McCall, Idaho.  I've loved it from a very young age when I would spend time up there with my cousins, or my family.  Once college started for me, I just couldn't ever find the time to get up there.  Volleyball kept me very busy.  My Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe have a condo right on the lake.  When you go to McCall, you are spoiled rotten!  Breakfast at the pancake house, pedicures, facials, ice cream trips, yummy dinners, and the list could go on!  Even after seven years of not visiting, their neighbors still knew my name.  

My little sister Megan, and her son Cooper came with us.  Then last minute our nephew Cade decided he wanted to come.  Let's just say that the car ride with 5 insane boys was, well, INSANE!  

Once we got there we went right to the pool, which was a perfect 85 degrees, and swam until the boys were tired.  The pool is just a few steps from their condo, as well as the sandy beach.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a week!  We went from building sand castles, to swimming, to jet skiing, to jumping off the dock, back to swimming, well you get the idea.  

Love you Helen & Joe!  Thank you for the wonderful memories, and a fabulous trip.  Don't worry, we will be back next year!  :)

July 25, 2010

A Birthday, And A Yes Day...

My baby is 6 years old.  
Holy flip.
Carter had the brilliant idea that on his birthday, he wanted a "Yes Day".  After I asked him what a Yes Day was, he proceeded to tell me that everything he asked for on his birthday, we had to say Yes.  He would get this huge grin on his face when we talked about it.  So on his birthday, we went to a few toy stores, to Arby's for lunch, to Pickleville to see Bandito, had cupcakes and a party with the cast, and said Yes a million times!  What a great idea my sweet boy had!  

Not everyone got to celebrate with us on Carter's birthday, so we had a Davis family party with yummy ice cream cake, and a great dinner.  
Happy Birthday Carter!