April 28, 2011

Fun at the Farm

Last year we went to baby animal days, and the whole experience was not so great for reasons that are too lengthy to write!  So this year we decided to wait until after it was all over, and go on a warm day with less people.  It was successful!  The boys loved riding the ponies.

They also held some really cute animals!

Thanks Chelsea for planning a great activity!  We have some cute boys!

April 27, 2011

Hayden Bug

Oh Hayden!  My amazingly cute boy Hayd-ba-jayd!  You bring so much joy to my heart! 

Let's chat about my bug.  He has grown up right before my eyes the past two weeks.  He pretty much potty trained himself.  One day he came to me and said "Mom, I want to go pee pee in the potty".  So of course we ran as fast as we could to the potty, and he has been amazing ever since!  When we are at home he does pretty good with the number two's, but not when we are somewhere else.  We will get there though!  
Hayden is just one of the big boys.  Anything that Carter and Tanner do, you will see Hayden doing.  He has the greatest big brothers!  He loves to shoot hoops with them, and "play" wii with them.  He wants to dress just like them, eat whatever they eat, and sleep when they sleep, which means no more naps for Hayden!  

Hayden has the cutest way of talking.  He slurs his r's to sound like w's, and his g's are d's.  He is starting to grow out of it, and it is making me sad.  

Hayden falls asleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed every night, and then Daddy moves him after he is asleep.  It makes him feel special, since his brothers have bunk beds.  
He has the cutest dimple ever.  I love to kiss it.  

My Hayden will start preschool in September.  I'm so sad just thinking about it right now.  How is my baby old enough?  It's always just been us two home while the big boys were in school.  Weird!  

Hayden thinks it's funny to poke KJ in the eye, or give him a little punch in the face now and then.  I don't know why he thinks it's so funny!  He laughs while he is on time out too.  Last time he hurt him, Kace screamed really hard.  I think Hayden realized that he really hurt him, and he felt bad.  Poor KJ, silly Ba-Jayd.  

 I love Hayden's sweet spirit.  He is so tender, and such a cuddly boy.  He gets his feelings hurt easily.  He doesn't like anyone to tell him he can't do something.  He likes to be a big boy.  Lately he has been such a Mommy's boy.  I love it!

Hayden is in love with Mickey Mouse, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He also had a small obsession with How to Train Your Dragon.  He hasn't asked for that movie for a while though.  He loves to play on my computer, and my phone.  He does awesome tricks on the tramp, and has a killer soccer kick.  He loves to play with his cousins, especially Cooper and Elliot.

Hayden James I love you so much!  Thanks for being one of my best friends in the entire world! 
Stop growing up so fast, it is breaking my heart!