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The Davis Corner

October 31, 2008

Our Sad Halloween Day...

Tanner had such a sad Halloween this year. He had to get his tonsils out this morning, and boy was it sad. It was either Halloween Day, or Dec. 5th, and we can't do it during the Christmas show! We got to the hospital at about 7 am, and his surgery started at 8:30. It was so sad when we had to hand him to the doctors. I could just see the fear in his eyes, and it broke my heart. The surgery took about 20 minutes, and Dr. Bennion said that everything went great. He was so groggy when he was waking up. He cried for almost an hour before he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he just wanted to go home. He has been in a lot of pain all day. It's been very difficult to get him to take his medicine. He is finally in bed for the night, but we do have to wake him up a few times to take his meds. He was such a brave boy, I am so proud of him!
I Love You Tan, to the sky and back!
(This is my last post today, I swear!)



We had to go trick-or-treating a day early because of Tanner's tonsils. This was last night after Whit's volleyball game. The boys dressed up as Juanito Bandito and Chuck Wagon, and our families loved their costumes!

Grandma Kathy's House:
Notice how my boys stand like their characters. If anyone out there saw the show this summer, you can understand why they are standing like this!

My Aunt Trudy & Uncle Randy's House:

My Parents House:

(My Dad in the scary mask)
Carter wouldn't get by my dad with his mask on! :)

Grandma & Grandpa Larsen's House:


Whitney's Last Game

Last night was Whit's last volleyball game. Everyone was there to cheer her on, it was so much fun. She was amazing as usual! I had to throw one on of Dad's new haircut, just for Dies!
Lookin' good!

Hayden loves his Whitney!

Carter has so much fun running around SV watching Whit.

Tanner, before Tonsil Day!

Cute fam!

Kenz+Hayden=Best Buddies :)

Nice buns!

Whitney was amazing, she had such a great season. We can't wait to watch her at STATE!
Go Cats!
(Sorry all of my MC friends)


Pumpkin Walk

We did make it to the pumpkin walk one afternoon. So fun!

They can't get enough of these costumes!

October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Look at my adorable 3 year old! We celebrated Tanner's birthday while on vacation to Disneyland, but we didn't have our Grandma's there! Tanner got to have 2 parties when we got back, and he got some great presents. Sorry this post is a little late, but thank you to our wonderful Grandma's for the parties! We love you!

Carter and Cade were such great present opening helpers! :)
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