The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

July 20, 2011

My 7 Year Old!

My Carter is 7 years old!  Crazy how time flies!  He is such a good boy, and has so many friends!  His party was a hit!  We had a water party, with a pinata, and yummy basketball cake!  He is my Carter Baby now and forever!  :)

Mommy loves you Carter!

July 19, 2011

PVP Fun With The Adams

Our friends from our ward came up to Bear Lake to play with us, and we had a blast!  The boys were so excited to show their friends around Pickleville.  It really is such a fun place for kids.  We watched Joseph the first night, and then did fireworks.  The next day we went swimming, and saw Bandito.  It was a fun weekend!
 Jaylee and her favorite friend KJ

KJ and Sabree

 The Tan Man

 Awww.  I just love my hubby.

My friend Julie.  I just love her.

 Hayden and Jaylee, aka cutest kids ever! 

Water slide time! 
Carter and Jaylee. 

 Fun with our Daddy

 Oliver, Hayden, Carter, and Jaylee

Luke flipping Sabree

I wish I had taken more pictures, because we had so much more fun that wasn't photographed.  Julie is such a great friend.  She is so much fun to be around.  I'm really lucky that I have gotten to know her so well.  She has done so much for me!  She has probably packed more boxes than I have for our move!  I just love her so much! 
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