The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

March 4, 2009

Sewing Time!!!

Ever since we found out about Shar's twin girls, Mom Davis has been going crazy! And can you blame her? She hasn't been able to shop in the baby girl section for a long time! Well we (Me, Shar, and Mom) decided we were going to make some blankets for the babies. Oh my gosh we have insane amounts of fabric! It has been so fun. So far we have made about 8 blankets for the girls, one as a gift, one for Carter, one for Hayden, and we are still waiting on Tanner's fabric. He actually took the scissors to his fabric and ruined it, so we had to order more. It has been a HUGE learning experience! I will take pictures of some of the finished ones soon! I think I am getting better with each blanket!

Hayden is my little helper!

Carter and Tanner asked me why Hayden looked like an Indian! I said he doesn't, because he's a Ninja!!! They thought that was pretty funny. :)
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