November 9, 2008


We went to Provo to the State Volleyball Tournament over the weekend. We had a great pool at our hotel! The water was so warm. You chose a great hotel Grandpa! This was Hayden's first time swimming! He loved it. After an hour of swimming he finally fell asleep on Aunt Sharli. Carter and Tanner would swim all day if they could!

Hayden kind of needs a tan! :)

My boys love Andy. He was quite the funny man in the pool! TJ started pretending like he and the boys were going on Disneyland rides in the pool. Andy is the king of Disneyland, so it was pretty funny!

Good times!

State Volleyball

This past weekend was the 4A and 5A State Volleyball Tournament. We went down and spent the night, and watched a ton of volleyball. It was awesome! Whit played great, she really had an amazing tournament. I felt like out of all the other games we watched this year, these past few days she really perfected her leadership. She was so energetic, it was so fun to watch. The first day they beat Cyprus, and then had a really hard loss to Dixie. They were no longer in the running for state, which was really hard for them. I was so excited to see them come out Saturday and play two great matches.

Carter, Tanner, and Hayden were such troopers.
Whitney, you are amazing!
We love you!