April 7, 2009


We had such a wonderful time in Hawaii!

Day 1:
We flew in at 2:30 pm, and just hung around Waikiki. We shopped, ate yummy food, and the boys watched a little basketball. We walked to the beach from the hotel, and watched the sunset. Beautiful!

Day 2:
Diamond Head Hike:
The end of the hike you had to climb a bunch of stairs. I had flashback's of when I hiked this with the volleyball team in 2002. I got to the top and really missed those girls. Especially you Heather! Hawaii is where our friendship really began!

The view from the top.

Chel, Emily, & Erin

Pearl Harbor:

I love learning about History. Pearl Harbor was such a great learning experience. I really gained a greater respect for all of those who have served or are serving our country.

This was probably my favorite part of the trip! All 6 of us walked over to the sand courts on Waikiki, and played 3 on 3. Then me and the boys played a few more games. A couple of locals came over and asked if they could play next. It was so fun! We played doubles for a couple hours. I can't think of anything more fun than that!

Day 3:
Pizza Bob's, on the way to the Polynesian Culture Center.

Matsumoto's Shaved Ice....

TJ had to try it with beans and without. We needed ideas for our snow shack up in Bear Lake! They were so yummy, but we didn't really like the beans!

The Polynesian Culture Center:

Canoe ride.

TJ pretending to be the statue. Ha ha! I married a funny man.
We spent the entire day exploring the PCC. We went to their big show that night. Although I did sleep through Act 1, it was a decent show. We then went and stayed with TJ's cousin Cassie, and her husband Brett. They have 2 of the cutest kids ever, Taylor and Jack.

Day 4:
The Beach!
Our crazy surfers! Brett taught TJ and JR how to surf. It looked so hard! I tried to go out one time and the waves took me down. The board actually hit my shins, and they are still hurting me!

I love this picture! What a babe!

Emily, Chel, Cassie, & Jack

The waves were coming up and crashing into us. Taylor was so fun to play with! We made drip castles, and let the waves destroy them.

Brett, and TJ's cousin Cassie are attending school at BYU-Hawaii. This is their little girl Taylor again. They were so kind to move around Taylor's room so we could stay there. She is such a sweet girl, and not shy at all! She instantly becomes your best friend! Thanks so much you guys! We miss you!

Day 5:
We got to check into The Turtle Bay Resort! What a beautiful hotel! We went back out and the boys tried to surf again. We snorkeled, and layed out. I could lay on the beach all day!

Awesome rooms, look at that view!

The view from our hotel room!

Lunch at Ted's Bakery, yum!

In front of our hotel.

Dinner at the Hotel's restaurant. It was amazing food!

Day 6:

Breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe. The movie 50 First Dates got the name of the cafe in the movie from this place! We decided that after we paid for this meal, our vacation was over. Sad! TJ and I actually had more time because our flight didn't leave until later that night. We went back to the hotel, and swam for a while.
Us in our hotel room, right before we checked out.

Our trip didn't really end there though! We were flying stand-by on some of TJ's uncles tickets. We couldn't get on a flight that night, and had to sleep in the airport. We woke up and got on a flight to Kauai. We then got on a flight that night to LA. We were number 48 and 49 on the list, and 49 people got on the flight. We were so lucky! People had been waiting for 5-6 days to get out of there because all of the flights were full. It was busy because of spring break, and there was a flight canceled earlier in the week. We were so lucky! When we got to LA, all of the flights there were full, so we had to take a bus to Orange County, and fly out of there. By then we were so ready to see our boys! We had such a great time! Thank you to our mom's for watching our boys!

I know I missed a ton of stuff from this post, but it is already really long! Thanks for the fun trip you guys! The countdown is on for our next one.....4 years!