February 8, 2013

Fresh Air

Sometimes even though it's still a little chilly outside, your soul just needs to breathe in fresh air!  It felt so wonderful.  The other day, Carter put his jacket on and said "hey Mom, I'm going outside to shoot hoops!"  Yes!  He came back in the house 45 minutes later a changed boy!  Tanner and Papa Perry have been playing catch the past few days outside.  He is thinking he wants to play baseball this spring.  I'm ready for spring.  Bring it on.  And best of all, bring on summer! ;)

It felt so great to capture these pictures of my silly boys.  I haven't been in the mood lately to take pictures, which is so not me.  I have been taking pictures out of necessity, not because I wanted to. How could I not want to take pictures of these beautiful faces?  :)