May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Hayd-ba-jayd!

My Hayden is 2 years old!  But if you ask him, he will tell you he's still 1.  He just can't seem to understand why he has to change from saying 1.  It's super cute.  We had a party at the Davis' on Friday, and we are having another one with my family tomorrow.  He is just a little spoiled!  We started his birthday by going to the McDonald's play place.  Then we had the party!  Grandma Davis had it decorated way cute for him!  He loved his Mickey Mouse cake too. 
I had to put this last picture on because it's hilarious!  Especially Andy.  Ha ha!  I had my camera on the timer thing so I had to sprint to get in it.  Man I love these guys! 

Happy Birthday Hayden! 
Mommy loves you.