May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I am the luckiest mom in the world, because I get to wake up to this face everyday......
There is no greater joy than this. I LOVE being a mom.

Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful mom's, and thank you to my cute little family for making my Mother's Day amazing!
(I am the luckiest mom ever!)

6 Years!

How do the years fly by so quickly!?!? We were talking at dinner about how we can't remember what it was like not being married. TJ and I work so great together. I am one lucky girl to be married to him. For our date, we went to a wedding reception, dinner, and a movie. We chose the wrong things to eat off the menu, and the wrong movie, but hey, it was fun just being together!

Happy Anniversary Teej!
I love you!
(May 9, 2009)

More Soccer!

Carter is getting to be a pretty good soccer player! I love watching him improve each game. He had lots of people cheering for him! Way to go Cart!

Silly Hayd!

Ty and Hayd.
(They have an obsession with each other!)

The crew. Tanner is in the I hate getting my picture taken stage. Great. :)