The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

May 2, 2011

My 3 Year Old!

My Hayden is 3 years old!  We had such a wonderful day!  We decorated the house the night before, so he woke up to balloons, streamers, and his presents.  He got to choose breakfast, open his presents, and then we headed out to the boy's soccer game!

After the game we took a rest, since we had a big party to get ready for!  Hayden chose to go to McDonald's play place for dinner, of course!  It was a blast!  My parents, my sister's family, and my Grandma Barbara all came with us.  We had some yummy cake, opened more presents, and played on the slides.  

 If you are wondering if he had fun, just take a look at the next picture.  :)
Thanks Mom and Dad for making my boy's day so great!  Happy Birthday to my big boy!  You are such a joy!  We love you!  

We had another party the next day with TJ's family.  He got spoiled again, and of course ate more cake.  :)
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