July 4, 2009

What a Party!

We had the annual Davis/Haynie/Johnson get together about a week ago, and it was awesome! The boys LOVED the boat. Sorry for the insane picture overload!

The boys buried Ben.

Cute faces!

I love his beach face.

He couldn't decide if he liked the sand or not....

Landon and Carter

JR and TJ bustin' some moves!

JR, Landon, TJ, and Tanner ridin' the waves.

Crazy ride!

I have a HOT husband!

Landon and Tanner rode on the tube all by themselves. I think I was more scared than them!

This picture sums up the party! Thumbs up!
Thanks for a great couple of days everyone! Let's play again soon!

June 30, 2009

200th Post....

WOW! This is my 200th post. Have I really done this 200 times since I first started my blog in September of 2006? I think so, because today when I sat down to post, I wasn't very excited. It has become a little bit of a chore. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that my boys will have tons of memories to look back on. I am excited to finish up a book I have started making at blurb.com.

I've decided that since I am getting a little bored with the whole blogging thing, that I need to spice it up a little! I have decided to choose my 3 favorite posts! This might be hard!

3rd Place: Rainy Day (I love how little Carter & Tanner look in these pictures!)
2nd Place: Family Pictures (I adore these pictures!)
1st Place: Hayden James Has Arrived (Of course this is my fav! Hayden is such an angel!)

Thanks to everyone who has followed our crazy blog! Here's to 200 more! :)

Family Fun Day!

TJ has been crazy busy lately, so we decided to take a day and have some fun! We took the boys to Hogle Zoo, and then to the fountains at the Gateway Mall. I'll be honest, they liked the fountains way more than the zoo. I think Hayden liked the zoo the most of all. They really just wanted to ride the train. :)

Mapping out the way!

Hayden had a hard day!

Ty and Hayd, best buds!

Riding the merry-go-round!

The train ride! Finally!!!

Carter & Elliot

My nephew Cade. It was fun to have him with us for the day!

Cute Carter face.

Gettin' soaked!

Kenz & Hayd

Ummmm, this doesn't look comfortable to me, but Carter sure had fun! Thanks for a great family day everyone!