August 10, 2008

Carter's Story

Hi! My name is Carter Davis. I had such a crazy day this past Thursday that I wanted to share it with all of my friends. My day started off great. Me and my brother Tan Man dressed up in our cowboy costumes and played on the stage. We take turns being Juanito Bandito because we both love to be like Dad. Me and Tan know all of the songs. We really like the rap that Daddy does in the show. I know all of the dance moves like the one in this picture. At the end of the rap, Daddy does a peace sign to the audience when he is leaving the stage. Everyone thinks that he is so funny.

I watched the Chuck Wagon show Thursday night with Tanner, and right before intermission I told my Mommy that I was going backstage to be with my Daddy. I had to run really fast because it was raining really hard. I said hi to my Daddy, and then I went to help sell popcorn on the stage with Sharli because I love to help. Daddy didn’t see me go on the stage, and he got nervous when he couldn’t find me. I guess you could say that they panicked! Mommy ran around the theatre 4 times looking for me while Daddy sprinted down to the dressing room tearing off his costume so that it wouldn’t get soaked in the rain while he looked for me. Mom looked in the bathrooms, in our cabins, in the box office, and in the snow shack. They couldn’t find me anywhere! It only lasted about two minutes, but to Mom and Dad it was more like an hour. After I was finished helping Sharli sell popcorn on the stage, everyone looked really relieved that they had found me. Mommy came backstage and was all wet because of the rain. I couldn’t tell if it was the rain on her face or tears because she was so scared. I felt bad, but hey, we’re trying to run a business here! How can we sell any popcorn if I’m not there to say “That’ll be two dollars please”?

Just to prove how eventful a day it was … after the show I was out in the foyer with Dad to shake hands with the patrons as they left (something Tan and I do almost every night) and I felt my eyes start to close. I fought it and fought it and then … the next thing I knew it was morning and time for breakfast! What a day and what a life!

Here are some of my crazy friends playing in the rain!
I hope everyone enjoyed my story! Love, Carter
(I love my Carter Baby)