September 20, 2008


What a joy it is to be a mom! I am so lucky to have 3 beautiful, healthy boys. I am so in love with my Hayden bug. He brings a smile to my face every time I look at him. He has such a sweet, loving personality.

I think I've lost some memory
since Hayden was born
I don't remember sleeping late
on a lazy Sunday morn

I don't remember long warm baths
with bubbles and a good book
Or my favorite TV program
or a movie worth a look.

I can't remember all those things
I spent time on yesterday
And I can't remember life
being any other way.

And as I lay him down at night
and kiss this little boy
I can't remember so much happiness,
such love and joy in my world.

I know for me it's been a long time since I can remember life without my boys. I wouldn't want life any other way though!

I believe that my main calling in life is to raise these boys to become servants of the Lord. I was sent here to earth to be a mother, and I know that with all of my heart. This is what I am supposed to be doing. I love my Hayden, his squishy cheeks, his chubby feet, legs, and hands, and his bright blue eyes.

I love you Hayden!
(Thanks for choosing me.)


little red said...

LOVE your pictures, Erin! Your boys are ADORABLE! kj

Gunnell Fam said...

What a touching post, Erin! i liked your poem and feel the same way about my little one. What greater calling is there than motherhood?! We are blessed.

Shelly and her boys said...

Those are priceless pictures. They are so lucky to have you as their mom.

Sarah said...

Wow Erin, you are such an incredible mom! Thanks for sharing your insight into motherhood. We can all use a reminder of what a truly important calling it is.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Love the poem and the pictures! You really put things into perspective for me! So cute!

Chelsea said...

So sweet. I can't wait to get to know Hayden better this winter.

Melissa said...

Erin you are so talented in so many ways. It is true you are so lucky to have such beautiful and wonderful boys, but they are even more lucky to have such a beautiful and wonderful mother.

Elise said...

You are such a great mom Erin!! Such inspiration!

We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

That about brought tears to my eyes! So true, so true!

Teddy said...

I love your poem Erin. Being a Mom is a blessing and lifes greatest teacher.

Kylene said...

What a cute poem! Hayden is such a cute little guy. I love the pic's.

Emily J. said...

What a hot mom you are!!! That first picture is priceless. Love it. You always have been an amazing mom. Of course he would choose you

MelissaSmith said...

What a beautiful poem!!!! Incredible. I hope you have it printed off for his journal/scrapbook or whatever. Even frame it in his room with that wonderful picture of the two of you. He is an ADORABLE boy and you look great!