November 18, 2006

Tanners Haircut

Tanner was getting a little shaggy! I don't do the best job, but he still looks cute!

Science Center

The boys and I went to the Discovery Science Center with some of TJs cousins. They have kids that are Carters age and Tanners age. They have a water are where they can play with balls and toys in the water. They had a bunch of different theme areas like the grocery store, the farm, a construction zone, etc. The boys loved it.

Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo last week with some friends. It was so fun. Carter liked the giraffes the most. The big black ball had water coming out of it, it was fun for the boys.

October 29, 2006

Hee Haw Farm Trip

We took a trip to the Hee Haw Farms yesterday. They had tons of cute activities for the kids to do. We went on a hay ride, pet the animals, went through a straw maze, etc. We had a great time!

More cute farm pics. They had a bunch of Halloween stuff to do!

Cute farmer boys riding on the tractors!!!

This was Tanners favorite part of the trip, the slide. The first time he went down he fell back on his head, but then he learned how to do it.

I swear this is the biggest PIG I have ever seen. Yes it is a pig!

This was the cute little ride for the kids. It took you around the farm in little animals. TJ loved it!!!

Farm Trip

There was a big hay stack that the kids could jump around on. Tanner liked to eat the hay more than run on it though!

September 23, 2006

Carter in his robe

Carter loves to get out of the tub and get into his robe. What a cute smile he has!

Sleepy Boy

September 19, 2006

Sept. 14th
Grandma Davis bought a horse that you put your legs into. Carter thought it was the coolest thing. He was so cute running around the house wearing it. What a cute boy!

September 18, 2006

Whitneys Volleyball Games

Me and the boys went and watched Whitney play volleyball at SV. She is so amazing by the way. We had a great time hanging out with the family. Grandma and Grandpa Larsen were there. Tanner fell asleep in Grandmas lap, and I think she was in heaven. Carter was so tired, and fell asleep under the bleachers. It was a very loud gym, but Carter didn't hear a thing. I was surprised that he didn't hear the rain, because it was coming down so hard. Carter loved playing with Titan too! Whitney won her game, it is so fun to watch her play. We will for sure be attending many more games!

Build A Bear Trip

We went as a family to the Gateway mall, just to walk around and be together. We stopped by the Build a Bear just so Carter could look around, we weren't going to buy him one. Well we waited to Carter to play with all of the animals, and when it was time to go, Carter didn't want to put them back. After Carter gave Dad the lip and eyes, he got to choose whichever one he wanted. He chose the puppy, stuffed it, put a heart in it, washed it, and named it Spike. He carried it on his shoulders all the way through the mall. That was a fun day!