The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

June 13, 2009

And so it begins...

Pickleville is finally open! The show TJ wrote, "The Hanging of El Bandito" opened last night. It is such a great show, and everyone loved it! TJ has worked really hard to get the show ready. Good job babe!

It's rare that this kid will smile for the camera!

My Grandma Cartwright.

My Grandma Kathy.

My sister Megan.

Getting ready for the show to start!

Carter (Juanito Bandito), and Tanner (Rowdy Angus)! My boys love to dress up for the show. They have their own little place in the boy's dressing room just for their stuff. So cute!

Greeting the people after the show. Thanks to my wonderful family for coming and supporting us! We love you!

Happy Graduation Whit!!!

Whitney is a high school graduate! Whitney and a few of her other classmates sang "For Good" from the musical Wicked during the ceremony. It was really amazing! It was crazy trying to keep the boys entertained!

Playing on the grass!

Cutest picture ever!

This is my cousin Michele who is living with us this summer. She is in Pickleville this year, and she is amazing!
Congrats Whit!
We love you!

Fun in the Sun

These pictures are obviously from a long time ago! We haven't had sunshine like this in weeks! It was so fun to have Emily and her cute kids over. I forget how fun it is to hang out like the good old Ohio days! Thanks for the fun time Em!

Carter & Landon! Best friends together again!
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