October 28, 2010

Sick Baby Kace

On Monday of this week Kace started acting fussy, and not himself.  I text TJ that afternoon and told him he was acting funny.  Later that night I took his temperature and it was up to 99 ish.  I started to worry, even though it wasn't actually a true fever yet.  TJ was at rehearsal, so I put the big boys to bed, and just kept watching him carefully.  He was acting so lethargic, and crying like he was in a lot of pain, so at about 9:30 I decided to call the Dr.  He told me if his fever got up to 100.4 to take him to the ER.  He said with babies so young they worry about Meningitis. 

10 minutes after I talked to the doctor, I took his temp again and it was 100.4 exactly.  I of course started freaking out, and called TJ in a panic.  He ran home and got us and we went to the ER.  The doctor there said since his temp was so high, he wanted to do some test.  They put an IV in him (so sad), put a catheter in him for a urine sample (also very sad), did x-rays of his chest (not horrible), and then did a spinal tap (saddest ever).  I didn't stay during the spinal tap, I went out into the hall and cried instead.  It was so horrible watching my baby go through all of that.  He is just so little and helpless, and I felt like I had let him down by not keeping him healthy. 

After all the tests, they started him on some antibiotics for about an hour.  The doctor said we had to stay for 48 hours.  His temperature was up to 102 by the time we got done with the antibiotics.  He was so miserable.  If you moved him at all he would cry in pain.  He didn't want to eat, and he was super fussy. 

They checked us into our room, and our nurse came and game him Tylenol.  It helped him so much!  His fever started to go down, and you could tell it took away some of the pain.  It was now 3 am, and we were all exhausted.  We finally got to sleep, but were back awake to a sad baby in about 3 hours.  His fever had gone back up, so they gave him more meds.  

We had to wait about 24 hours to get all of the tests back.  Kace slowly started to feel better, and eat better.  TJ got sick the same day Kace did, and it hit him really hard.  He went home that morning to sleep, and didn't come back for the rest of our stay because we were worried about him being by Kace.  
Hooked up to all of his tubes.  You can't see his IV but it's in his right arm.
The next night I was so exhausted!  I hadn't slept for 2 nights, and lets be honest I hadn't really recovered from having the baby!  I said a prayer that night asking for help with my sweet baby, and myself.  I prayed that I would be able to make it through the night.  The times that I woke up, I felt fine.  I don't remember being tired.  I'm tired now though!  :)
This is pretty much where Kace slept.  I didn't want to put him down!  I look horrible, but don't judge, I was tired!
Our tests came back, and it wasn't Meningitis.  We were thrilled!  The viral tests showed that it was the Rhino virus.  Dr. McKenna said that he was hoping it would be that, and that he should be just fine.  By the way, I love our doctor!  Dr. McKenna is amazing, and if anyone is looking for a Pediatrician, look him up!  His business is called Treehouse Pediatrics. 

They were planning on sending us home at 9 pm Wed. night, but since his tests looked so good, we got to go home around 5 pm instead.  We were very happy about that!  It felt like we just got out of the hospital for his delivery, and we were right back in!  
Right before we went home.  He was feeling much better!
 Thanks to everyone who helped us through this!  Both our Mom's were so amazing.  Thanks for all your prayers for our sweet baby Kace.   

We love you KJ!  Don't scare Mommy and Daddy like that again!


Gunnell Fam said...

I'm so glad he's well! That does soound very scary.

Shalice said...

Oh Erin! Nothing is worse than seeing your child suffering. Especially one so small! Kason had to go through the same things after he was born - it was awful!

On a happier note, I am so glad he is OK! He is BEAUTIFUL and looks just like your boys! You are an amazing mom, and I can't wait to meet that little baby in person. Keep him away from those germs :) (yeah right)

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that he's doing okay! Good thing you had both your families so close to help out! (We would have babysat your boys for you...had we been in town!)

Emily J. said...

I am so glad he is doing better. Scary times. Hope you get some sleep.

Melissa S. said...

Oh my word. How sad. I almost cried when I saw him all hooked up to those tubes and he's not even MINE!!!! I would've been a wreck too if I were you. They're just so pathetic when they're that small and don't know what's going on with their bodies.
I'm so glad he is better now....however, I bet you're exhausted. Take care of YOURSELF because you better not get sick now!

Lacey said...

I'm so so glad that he's doing so much better! What a scare for you guys. I hope that he's back to himself, and that you are able to get the rest you need to recover both from having your sweet baby and then nursing him back to health!

Sarah said...

Nothing scarier than a sick newborn. Poor little Kace. And poor, poor mommy! You're amazing for making it through all of that. IV, catheter, AND spinal tap? I probably would have passed out. You take care of yourself and rest your "exhausted, just barely had a baby, haven't slept, oh and did I mention I also have three other children and my husband is in rehearsals" body. :)

Graves Family said...

How scary! I'm so glad he is doing better now!

Cyndy said...

So sad! He is handsome!

Wendi said...

I can barely keep the tears back when they get their shots let alone all of those tests. So glad he is better.

Chelsea said...

Poor poor baby. That just breaks my heart. I'm glad he's home now and doing well. I hope you can recover. What a crazy time for you to be going through all this. Love you!

Dani said...

I feel for you guys. It is no fun watching a poor helpless little baby go through what KJ did. I swear the catheter is the VERY worst part. IV's aren't fun, but are nothing compared to the cath. I am so glad the results came back good. You are a trooper!!! Hope he is sleeping good now you are home because you both deserve some nice LONG naps!!! You will be in our prayers.

Reena Bostock said...

SO glad your little KJ is doing good! I'm sorry you had to go through this, but thankful things turned out for the best. Take care!

The Randalls said...

Oh my! What a darling little boy (just found out you had him)! Congratulations. And what a scare! Sickness is so hard when they're so little and can't tell us how they feel. Way to stay on top of it, Erin. You guys are the sweetest parents ever. I LOVE your darling family with 4 little boys. And Kace is an absolute doll. I hope you're finding some time to sleep somewhere in all the craziness, Erin. :)