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January 3, 2009


January 1st, 2009
"Out With the Old, In With the New...... Hair-Dos?!!!"

The Davis family got a little "crazy" during our annual New Year's Bash and what can I say? One thing led to another and when we woke up passed out on the floor the next morning, we had five different shaved heads!

This was all Tedder-B's idea. He has been shaving his head for a few months now, and we are all still trying to figure out why. He has a great head of hair when it is grown out! Anyway, he made my three boys join in on the fun. Andy decided that day that he wanted to play the buzzing game as well. I think they all look great. Chels threatened to kill us if we even touched Elliot's hair!

Dad has chosen me as his designated head shaver, and I love the job!
(Mom won't do it because she says she doesn't like it!)

Dad decided to Bic his head this time. Crazy!

My honey before the moment of buzzing began!

Carter before!

Carter after! So cute!

Tanner before.
(Yes I did cry a little, my Tanner has great hair!)

Tanner after! I love it!

Andy was next! Before.

After! Shar did the honors!

All 5 of the handsome men! I think they look great, and it is a fun memory to look back on!
(I wonder if Derek would have joined in if he was here?)

Oh and Hayden got a sink bath!

We had a great New Year's!
(... but if you ever find yourself at the Davis' on December 31st, stay away from the "punch!" It can make a sane man go crazy. Just look what it did to my husband. jk-he's hot!)


December 30, 2008

Sun Valley!

Sun Valley is such a beautiful, magical place. We drove up on Christmas Eve, and then stayed until the 26th. It was a short trip, but very fun. It was fun to see the carolers, even if it was only for a minute!
This is our attempt for a family picture. Tanner hates being in pictures right now, maybe it's because his mom takes a million of them!

Swimming in the huge outdoor hot tub!

You can see behind Carter how there is snow on the edge of the pool. They spent the whole time getting in and out of the pool, so they could put snow in the water and watch it melt. The pool/hot tub was 104 degrees. Way too hot!

Carter and Kenz by the eagle sculpture. They have these awesome sculptures all over Sun Valley.

Wow those are handsome boys.

Another attempt at a family picture. Once again Tanner isn't too excited about it!

Waiting for the carolers to go out.

Shar, Carter, and Whitney. Don't they look great!

Ty and my Hayden in front of the bear sculpture. We had such a great trip, the only downside to it was the driving. We didn't really pick the best days to drive. It snowed on the way there and the way back. It took us almost 7 hours to get there, when it would normally take 4! It was still worth it though!
(This is my last post I swear!)


December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Night!

After a long 6 1/2 hour drive to Sun Valley, the party finally started. It's a tradition the we get Eve jammies from TJ's parents.

Here are the boys (minus Elliot who was sleeping) in their cute eves. I love Tanner's smile in this picture.

Here are the cute as heck girls in our cute jammies. Mom always does such a great job!

Isn't Hayden adorable. I don't think anyone understands how much I love this boy! After everyone was all cozy, we played the story-telling game that we always play. I won't describe it because it will take too long! Then we told the boys the story of baby Jesus, and went right to bed so Santa could come! We had such a fun Christmas Eve with both of our families. Thank you to our wonderful parents on both sides who made it great!


Christmas Eve Day!

We had a Christmas Eve party with the Cartwright family, that started out with some pretty cool gingerbread houses! Megan and Drue struggled a bit to get theirs to stay up. Carter and Tanner really liked decorating theirs.

My brother Corey, and his boy Cade.

Hayden just chillin' like usual!

Best cousins!

Best brothers!

Britt, Drue, and Megan

Cooper and Hayden got matching walking toys from Grandma and Grandpa. We had a wonderful dinner, and then opened presents. Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun Christmas. We love you all!


December 28, 2008

Santa Claus's Party

Our Christmas show has come to an end. I am so excited to have a break, it has been crazy to say the least. TJ did an amazing job writing the show, and performing in it. He was hilarious as Buster the elf. Carter and Tanner loved coming to watch their daddy!

I am going to miss these guys. We really had such an amazing cast, and tech crew. They were so great to work with, and always willing to go the extra mile. Thanks you guys!

Isn't he handsome!

Thanks for a wonderful show you guys! We love you!
(Hopefully we will play more this summer!)

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