January 3, 2009


January 1st, 2009
"Out With the Old, In With the New...... Hair-Dos?!!!"

The Davis family got a little "crazy" during our annual New Year's Bash and what can I say? One thing led to another and when we woke up passed out on the floor the next morning, we had five different shaved heads!

This was all Tedder-B's idea. He has been shaving his head for a few months now, and we are all still trying to figure out why. He has a great head of hair when it is grown out! Anyway, he made my three boys join in on the fun. Andy decided that day that he wanted to play the buzzing game as well. I think they all look great. Chels threatened to kill us if we even touched Elliot's hair!

Dad has chosen me as his designated head shaver, and I love the job!
(Mom won't do it because she says she doesn't like it!)

Dad decided to Bic his head this time. Crazy!

My honey before the moment of buzzing began!

Carter before!

Carter after! So cute!

Tanner before.
(Yes I did cry a little, my Tanner has great hair!)

Tanner after! I love it!

Andy was next! Before.

After! Shar did the honors!

All 5 of the handsome men! I think they look great, and it is a fun memory to look back on!
(I wonder if Derek would have joined in if he was here?)

Oh and Hayden got a sink bath!

We had a great New Year's!
(... but if you ever find yourself at the Davis' on December 31st, stay away from the "punch!" It can make a sane man go crazy. Just look what it did to my husband. jk-he's hot!)


Anonymous said...

The "passed out on the floor" thing wasn't exactly how this all went down, but it's close enough! Love you baby!


Anonymous said...

Wow - bald heads in the winter!! That used to be a summertime ritual in the Ringer household!! They need that hair to stay warm in your freezing temperatures up there in Logan!
How are you guys? Hope all is well. We missed you all at the wedding. We hope to have pictures soon!
Love, Melinda

Jen said...

Sounds like fun! Love all the buzz cuts :) Love Hayden's face while he's in the sink! (guess he didn't need a buzz) :)

Elise and Lane said...

I'll send Lane over your way.. he's in need himself! I love your curls!!! Makes me wish my hair was long again like yours!

Lacey said...

Sometimes I wish girls could get away with buzzing their hair every so often. ;) They all look great!

kat said...

Nice cuts! Happy New Year!!

The Cederstrom's said...


Dave jumped on the buzz cut band-wagon about 3 or 4 months ago! Stephanie is about ready to kill him, because he has nice hair, but what do you do? I tell Jane all the time that I have no control over him, but she doesn't believe me.
Happy Hair Cutting, and we'll talk to you soon.
~Brook & Dave

Beachbummin said...

All your boys look great! It looks like you all have such a good time with the Davis family. I love it!!! Take care in 2009!

Johnson Family said...

Hey there Erin! Your family is so cute...your boys are adorable! It was great to hear from you! Feel free to check out my blog any time!

Cam + Haley said...

Must be something in the water... I recently buzzed Cam's hair, too, and I LOVE IT! Buzzed men are good looking. I think it's like a right of passage for a wife to buzz her hubby's head.

Melissa said...

So now Hayden has the longest hair?! Actually when you said Buzz I thought you meant BALD! They actually all look really good! Tanner did have GREAT hair, but seriously the buzz look is great and Ted's shorter BIC look I think looks better too!
The only thing is I hope their heads don't get too cold now! :)

Ariel said...

Ha ha what a caa-razzy party! It was fun to see you guys again. Thanks for getting us tickets. TJ was hilarious and we loved the show.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures of the shaved heads! So fun! See that crossbite that Tanner has - that is a Hurren trait! So many of my children had that crossbite - and I thought it was a Ringer trait: Eric did it, Natalie did it, Jordan did it, Michele did it.. and when I saw Tanner's cute face with that crossbite I knew it had to be a Hurren trait! Love, Melinda

We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

Brave men I tell ya. That is sure fun. I think you should have gone to hair school, didn't we dye someone's hair in college? I think I have pictures of that! =) Or wait, was it me doing your hair? I don't remeber, I'll have to find the pictures.

Stacy Ellison said...

so fun! what a great memory. i think everyone looks great. why did none of the girls join in? :)

Shalice said...

So fun....and I think it looks great! I need to send Kason your way - I wish he would shave it!

The Gardner Trio said...

So, how come you didnt' join in the fun and get your hair buzzed! jk!
Love the pics of everyone with their heads buzzed! Easist haircut ever!!!!

theSwensenFamily said...

Hilarious! All the guys look great! This style is such low maintenance. They just wash and go while we're stuck blow drying, straightening, teasing and styling. It's exhausting. I love YOUR cute brown hair, by the way. You guys are such a fun family! It's always fun to hear from you! Miss you guys!