September 13, 2008


My Hayden bug is getting so big. He is such an amazing baby. He hardly ever cries! TJ's mom says that he reminds her of Derek, in the way that he looks and acts. He has such an easy going personality, and always has a smile on his face! Hayden and Derek that is! That is a compliment to you Hayden, because we all want to be like Uncle Diesel right now!

I wish I had a picture of him smiling, because he has the Derek dimple on one cheek!
(We love you Elder Davis!)

My boys LOVE shootin' hoops, and TJ loves that they love it! We went to Grandma Davis' house today just so they could play on her hoop. It was such a warm beautiful day today! What a stud!
Carter looks so old in this picture! :(
Here comes Carter's basketball!
They love to slam dunk it!

Tanner's sad boy face.

(Man I love these boys)

A Fun Day With Max!

Everyone meet Max! He is Shar and Andy's new puppy, and he is the cutest thing ever! He needed a place to play, so Carter and Tanner took care of him for the day. We took him to the park by our house, and he loved it. It was such a fun day!

We found this friend on our way home!Thanks for letting us play with Max you guys!