The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

January 3, 2012

Ski Day

TJ has been wanting to take our boys skiing for such a long time!  I honestly didn't think that they would like it that much, but I was wrong.  They loved it!  Tanner was a pro after two times down the mountain, Carter was scared of falling so it took him a little longer, and Hayden loved it because Daddy helped him down the whole way!  Let's just say that TJ was a little sore the next day! 

Oh my cutest kid ever!

Hayden spent a lot of time like this.  :)

My four awesome boys.  

Hayden and Cami

Ski day wouldn't have been successful without Diesel and Cami.  They were such a huge help with our boys.  They were great teachers!  

End of the day picture.  Yep, my TJ was tired!  What a fun day!

January 1, 2012


We started off our Christmas Eve celebration at Grammy and Papa Perry's.  We had yummy food, played games, and opened presents.  The boys were so excited about their football stuff they got.  It was a fun night! 

Next we moved on to the Davis family party.  Gma Davis had some awesome games to play!  Carter cried really hard after one game because he wanted to keep playing!  We read the nativity story, and acted it out.  The boys really love to do this.  They love learning about the birth of our Savior, and all the the wonderful things that happened that night. 

KJ, aka Mini Santa

Hayden was cast as Joseph this year, he played the part well.  :)

Mary and Joseph.  

Wow my boys are handsome. 

This was the boys big present this year.  They have both been asking for a four wheeler for years!  Santa finally came through this year!  They are in love with it, especially Tanner.  I'm pretty sure that their favorite gifts were the footballs, their NFL pillow pets, their NFL blankets, their football and basketball posters, and their football jerseys.  Ok, so they have a small obsession with football right now.  It's pretty fun.  What a wonderful Christmas we had.  Thank you to everyone who made it so special.  Merry Christmas!
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