January 3, 2012

Ski Day

TJ has been wanting to take our boys skiing for such a long time!  I honestly didn't think that they would like it that much, but I was wrong.  They loved it!  Tanner was a pro after two times down the mountain, Carter was scared of falling so it took him a little longer, and Hayden loved it because Daddy helped him down the whole way!  Let's just say that TJ was a little sore the next day! 

Oh my cutest kid ever!

Hayden spent a lot of time like this.  :)

My four awesome boys.  

Hayden and Cami

Ski day wouldn't have been successful without Diesel and Cami.  They were such a huge help with our boys.  They were great teachers!  

End of the day picture.  Yep, my TJ was tired!  What a fun day!