The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

March 1, 2011


We went down this past weekend to Orem to see Derek in the musical Hairspray. It was so much fun, and Derek did a great job as Brad!  My boys are in love with their Uncle Diesel!  

This picture is so hilarious!  Mainly because of Shar, Kenz, and Carter.
This picture is also hilarious!  Tanner didn't want to be in the picture!  TJ has a big cut above his eye to prove it.  The injury happened right after this picture was taken! 

We stayed over that night in a hotel, and then played all the next day!  We told the boys that they could choose fun things to do all day.  They chose to go to Chuck E Cheese, The Children's Museum, the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, and shopping at Target.  Yep, the last one was my Carter's idea!  I'm sad I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the trip!  

Thanks for such a fun weekend everyone!   :)
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