The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

August 18, 2010

Things Kids Say Contest!

Ok so I entered a contest and I need your help!  To enter it, you tell the funny things your kids say, and then they chose a top 5.  I am now in the top 5 and I need your vote! 

So I was in Joann’s fabric store with my three boys, ages 5, 4 and 2. I know crazy! They weren’t listening very well, and they could tell that I was upset.
We got out to the car and my 4 year old Tanner said: “Mom are you mad at me.”
Me: “No, I just wish that you would behave when I ask you to.”
Tanner: “Well maybe if you wished upon a star, I would.”
:) I had a good 5 minute laugh…

Click here to go to the contest page!

Mine is number 4!!!  

Thanks guys!  :)
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