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The Davis Corner

April 23, 2011

Carter Baby

Wow!  Carter!  How do I put into words the joy that you bring to me!  

Carter loves his family.  He likes to be at home.  Going to school is sometimes hard for him, because he feels like he is missing out on something here.  When I drop him off at school we have a routine that we do when we say bye.  It goes something like this.  Two kisses for me, a kiss for KJ, a kiss for Hayden, love you's exchanged, muah's exchanged (our family thing), one more kiss, get out of the car, love you's again, muah's again, bye's, close the car door, wave, blow kisses, run to the doors, turn around and blow kisses one more time.  I love it!  I think I drive away crying every single day cuz he is so cute!  He is so tender, and I love that about him.  TJ and I were just talking about how he shows love so easily.  He can just look at you, and you feel loved. 
If there is one thing that Carter could do all day long, it would be "shooting hoops".  He honestly could play basketball ALL day, and be very happy!  Grandpa Perry put in a new hoop outside of our house for the boys, and that's where you can always find Carter.  There have been many times that people have watched him and said how great he is.  He has such a great shot.  He honestly beats me at pig all the time.  I try my hardest too!  I guess I should stick to volleyball.  :)  

Carter is a very good reader.  He can just grab a book, and sit down and read it to himself, or to Hayden.  He has learned so much this year!  I'm so nervous for him to go to the 1st grade, but I know that he will do so great! 

Carter loves to be like his Dad.  He wants to dress like Dad, play basketball like Dad, sing and dance like Dad, and the list goes on.  Carter was in his very first musical in February!  He was in The Music Man with TJ, and it was the cutest thing you would ever see!  He was in the boys band at the end of the show.  He is excited to be in Joseph this summer too!  Just wait until you see what part he will be playing! :)

Carter and Tanner are playing on the same soccer team this year.  TJ is the coach too.  It's been a lot of fun!  Their first game, Carter scored 4 goals, and Tanner scored 2.  It's funny because at the end of the game, Carter had decided that he made 6 goals instead of 4.  He got in Grandma's car, and said, "I was the best one out there!"  Cutest boy ever!  

Carter is a great leader.  His teacher is always saying what a great leader he is in the classroom.  He is a great leader as a big brother as well.  His brothers love him so much, and want to be just like him.  I think the Lord knew that Carter would make good choices, and be a good example to his siblings.  
This is going to sound crazy, but Carter loves to shop!  Him and I went on a date last week, and he chose to go shopping.  I was totally fine with that choice, because I love to shop too!  He likes to pick out his own clothes.  I think it's cute.  

Carter loves back scratches!  He gets it from his Mom.  He loves to snuggle too.  I think he would sleep on top of Daddy if he would let him.  He tries to sneak into our bed almost every night!  He has it down to an art, and gets away with it about half the time.  

I just love my Carter baby.  He is such a joy to have in our home.  He has such a sweet spirit, and truly wants to do good.  Thank you Carter for being such a great example, and for being my baby.  
I love you to the sky and back,

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