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The Davis Corner

January 24, 2009

Prize Man At Work...

The other day I got this email from
From: Prize Guy
Title: Dear Mega Hottie

This email is to let you know that you have been entered into a top-secret contest that is scheduled to begin very soon. Please expect further correspondence in the very near future. Your cooperation is imperative in order for you to collect your super-cool prize.

Be excited ... be very excited.

The Prize Guy
(By this point I know that it is from TJ, and I love surprises!)

Day #2

Email #1

Hello Erin,

You have been activated.

What that really means is that you have been selected from a pool of over 750 billion people to participate in a trivia/questionaire/online treasure hunting contest. Should you prove smart enough and brave enough to complete the test below, you will be given a prize that is super-cool and you will love it. Should you choose to ignore this email, your computer will self-destruct in your face producing considerable pain and possibly the loss of an earlobe.

Your task is as follows: Using the internet and any other sources available to you, find the answers to the following questions. When you are done, copy and paste your answers in an email and send it to me, (Mr. Prize Guy Esq.) at this non-traceable email address.

Your answers must be 100% correct in order for you to receive your super-cool prize. If your answers are not all 100% correct, you will receive an automatically generated response telling you so. Should this happen, slap yourself on the bum and try, try again until you get it right.

Again, I can not stress the importance of finding the correct response to each question. The fate of the super-cool prize rests in your hands. Good luck and goodbye (for now).

From: The Inventor of the Super-Cool Prize

Ps. Your husband must not know anything about our correspondence or the super-cool prize. He is a cotton-headed ninny-muggins by anyone’s standard and is too busy trying to make money to be bothered. Thank you and goodbye (again).

1. What happened in you’re husband’s first mission area (in Guat) on Sept. 9, 2007?
2. What are the three worst movies you’ve seen in the last 3 weeks?
a. Hint: Saving ***** ****, Eagle ***, and Blades of Glor*..
3. How many more facebook friends does your husband have than you?
4. How cool is he in a scale of 1-10?
5. Please give me the definition of leechdom.
6. What is the name of the show currently on Broadway starring Will Farrell?
7. Would you like to see it?
8. In what venue is “In the Heights” playing on Broadway?
9. What is the name of the national park in Guatemala that houses the country’s most famous Book of Mormon ruins?
10. Why do people flock to the Great White Church in Esquipulas Guatemala? In other words, what are they going to see?
11. What was the name of the woman who ran for the Guatemalan presidency in 2007? What is the name of the famous book she wrote and what did it talk about?
12. Name 10 things you want to do before you die?
13. If you had 100 dollars in your hands right now and had to choose something to spend it on in less than 30 seconds, what would you buy? What if it was 1,000 dollars? 10,000 dollars? 100,000 dollars? 1million dollars?
14. What are your three favorite things about yourself?
15. Do you like surprises?

As stated above, please send back this questionnaire answered completely correctly and await my response. Thank you for your participation.

Ok, so I answered all of the questions, but I got 2 of them wrong and had to do them over. Then as a penalty, I had to answer one more question about the Super Bowl, which I got completely wrong! TJ laughed in his office for ten minutes because I said Eli Manning played for the Eagles, and that they were in the Super Bowl, whoops! So as punishment I had to wait until the children were in bed to get my "Super Cool Prize".

We finally got the kids to bed, and TJ made me sit on the couch with a blind fold. He pulled out 3 envelopes, and scattered them on the ground. I had to crawl around and find them. After I found them I got to take off my blind fold. I had to choose one of the envelopes, and then whatever was in it, that's what I got! I was so nervous! What if I didn't pick the good one! So after 5 minutes of trying to decide which one, I opened my prize!


We are going to HAWAII!!!

k 12 b lumahai beach lowweb jpg

Thanks TJ! I love you, and can't wait!
P.S. The other envelopes had the same thing in them. He just wanted to make me nervous!


January 20, 2009

Family Pictures...

It is a great day when you have Bodie taking your family pictures! He is so amazing, and so fun to work with. I hope one day I am as good as he is! If I had to be the one bringing in the income, this would be the profession I would choose. PHOTOGRAPHY. It is one of my passions. I know right now it is just a hobby, but I hope one day I can turn it into something bigger. What a beautiful way to see what we normally miss in our fast paced lives. Thank you for capturing the joy in our eyes Bodie!
For those of you wondering who Bodie is, he is one of our good friends from Pickleville. His company is called Bodwa Productions, and his photo site is here.
(To see more of our pictures, click on View and Order)

Dying to see more??? Click here, and then go to View and Order!
(Bodie took pictures of the Haynie family as well, you need to see them!)
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