July 31, 2007

Tanner Goose

I feel like Tanner is growing up so fast, and I haven't written down a lot of the cute things that he does. This blog is pretty much my journal right now since I can't keep up on my other one. For the past couple of months Tanner has been really attached to TJ. He cries when I try to hold him when TJ is around. Its kind of frustrating. Well lately he has been wanting me a little bit more. He is so cute when I put him to bed. He absolutely hates bedtime and naptime. So we have this routine that we do. He always cries "Rock a Baby" when we first get into his room, so I put him on my shoulder and sing rock a baby. Then I lay him down and he says Rug a Back, so I rub his back. Its the cutest thing ever to hear him say that. Then he says Love you Mommy, and I kiss his face and then leave. Its funny cuz he will not let TJ do this to him, its like he knows he can take advantage of Daddy. He cries and cries so TJ just keeps rocking him. What a smart kid!

Tanner is really into Shrek right now, and watchs to watch it every second of the day. A mother can only stand Shrek so many times, and thats about one. So the other day, we were getting ready to watch a movie, and Tanner of course yells Shrek! Then he said, Ahhhh Freet Out. If any of you have ever seen Shrek, thats one of the songs that plays on it, and it goes, Ahhh Freak Out. So I have told pretty much everybody I know that story. Soooo cute!

Tanner always says Thank You. Its so cute too. I never even have to ask him to say it. Every time I get him something (maybe not EVERY time) he says Tank You Mommy. His other famous sentences these days are Carter hit me, and I waaaant it. I also can't get the child to smile normal for a picture, but Carter went through that stage too!

Tanner is in love with his Papas, repeats everything you say, eats as much food as a grown man, and has the cutest personality a kid could ever have.

We love you Tanner Christian, or in our house Tanner Doose (Goose)!!!

July 29, 2007

Pickleville Bike Ride

We rented this bike in Bear Lake on the 24th. We had for an hour, and rode all around Bear Lake. The boys thought it was preety cool. It was hard work for us though!

Sweet Ride!

Presents and The Treasure Hunt

Carter got some cool presents from both sets of Grandparents. He got DVD players for the car from Papa Perry and Dammy. He went on a treasure hunt to find his last present. He ran to about 6 different places, and then the last clue was where does Grandma park her car. He went to the garage and knocked on it and the garage door opened, and he was the new owner of a John Deer tractor! He loves it, and caught on pretty quickly after hitting a few cars and some trees.


The boys loved the pinata! It took them a while to get the candy out, but they thought it was pretty cool when candy came flying out!

Carters 3rd Bday Party

This cake took me forever, but it was worth it! Carter loved it, and it was soooo cute! His party was the ultimate 3 year old party. We had a pinata, a treasure hunt, and lots of cool presents! He got this detective set before the party started cuz he just couldn't wait! Look at his eyes in the pic with Kenz, so cute!

Bountiful Library Pirate Party

I took the boys to a pirate party at our local library before his birthday. I thought it would be fun to prep him for his own pirate party. The boys thought it was pretty cool.