March 1, 2008

Hot Tubbin!

We spent the night at TJs parents last night to take care of Papa Wee, and the boys wanted to get in the hot tub. I was pretty jealous because I had to stand out in the cold and watch them. We checked the temperature before we got in, and it was set at 105 degrees. That was pretty hot for our little guys at first. Carter just screamed "Its too hot" a million times, and Tanner was a champ and just jumped in with dad. Its so funny how different their personalities are. Obviously Tanner gets his toughness from his mom! :) Well Carter still didn't want to get in, so he came up with a "plan". "Mommy I think we need some ice to make it cold." What a smart boy. So we went and got all the ice Grandma had and threw it in the hot tub. Carter got in shortly after even though it was still 105 degrees. Carter wanted me to keep taking pictures of him dunking his face, and if there was any part of his head out of water I had to take another one. They had a great time with Daddy!

My Super Heros!

Carter and Tanners cousin Titan came to play with us the other day, and they wanted to get in their costumes. Titan was a ninja, Carter was Spiderman, and Tanner was Superman. It was so fun watching them run around fighting the bad guys. Superman came up with the brilliant idea to "fly" off of the bunk beds. I'm surprised we didn't have any injuries. We are excited for Titan to come play again!