March 1, 2008

My Super Heros!

Carter and Tanners cousin Titan came to play with us the other day, and they wanted to get in their costumes. Titan was a ninja, Carter was Spiderman, and Tanner was Superman. It was so fun watching them run around fighting the bad guys. Superman came up with the brilliant idea to "fly" off of the bunk beds. I'm surprised we didn't have any injuries. We are excited for Titan to come play again!


We do because we Mexi-Can! said...

Fun! I want to jump off the bunk beds with them!

CarlyL said...

How fun, wish my boys could play too. Titan looks like he has cut his hair since the last time I seen him... Such cute superhero's.

The Gardner Trio said...

What cute little guys! Hot tubbin sounds sooo nice right now!