July 16, 2007

When I Grow Up....

I have a friend in our ward named Krystall, and her mom lives in Bountiful and is actually our landlord. Well she invited us to go over there today to swim in their pool. I was hesitant at first cuz my boys are everywhere and I was worried about them jumping in alone. Anyway, we had the best time. The boys both put those arm floaties on, and loved it. All Carter wanted to do was float by himself. Tanner of course wanted to jump in to the pool all by himself. He has no fear, which kind of makes me fearful! :) Anyway we had the best time, and they had all of the "cool" toys for the boys. I didn't take any pics, which is really wierd seeing how I am obsessed with my new camera! But I just wanted everyone to know that when I grow up, I want a pool in my backyard!