The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

March 11, 2009


I am so in love with my Hayden. He honestly brings so much joy into my life. Cheesy, I know. But hey it's true. I just wanted to list just a FEW reasons why I love Hayden....
- He is always smiling.
- He loves his Mommy and Daddy.
- He plays patty cake, and he is so proud of it too! (Started at 9 months)
- Even though he doesn't really have eyebrows, he lifts them when he is smiling, or when he gets excited. It's super cute.
- His dimple. I just love to kiss it.
- He says Da Da, Ma Ma, and Ba Ba (for bottle).
- When he first started crawling, it was an army crawl, but he would only use his right arm and his right leg (7 months old). Now he is full speed!
- He walks along the couch, table, etc. It won't be long until he is walking! (Started at 9 months)
- His face lights up when he see's someone he loves.
- He loves yogurt, and cottage cheese. At his 9 month appointment, the doctor said that he needed more fat on him. He told me to start feeding him yogurt and cottage cheese, and Hayden loves it!
- He thinks it's fun to go up one stair, and then sit and wait for me to come get him so he doesn't get hurt. He thinks he is pretty funny.
- He loves to wreck the things that Cart and Tan are doing. Like blocks, puzzles, play dough, coloring, etc.
- Carter and Tanner call him Hayd-Ba-Jayd. They made it up themselves.
- He gives great kisses!
- He has such a sweet spirit, and I hope we stay best friends forever!

Look at that dimple!

Ok, so this next picture is not a happy one. Hayden has his two top teeth coming in. His gums are red, and swollen. He has been pretty clingy for over a week now. He even had drops of blood coming from them. So sad! He tries so hard to be happy and play, but sometimes it just hurts! So we have been doing a lot of cuddling, which I can't really complain about. Would you not want to hold that sad little face?

I love you my Hayden bug.
Love, Mom
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