August 12, 2009

You guessed it! We went camping! I can't describe how much my boys love camping. It's like Christmas kind of. They walk around all day with a huge smile on their face, loving what is going on. They love the dirt, the food, the bugs, the animals, and sleeping in a tent! TJ hates being dirty! We only go for one night so we can come back and shower. I'm a little different. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes after a really hard volleyball practice, I would come home and jump right into bed without a shower. Not that I don't like a good shower! We are just a little different!

The crazy parents.

Cart and Mommy

Daddy and Cart

TJ went back home and took Hayden to his Mom's house. He was a whiny camper!

Grandpa made this bench for the boys...

Carter trying to wake Tanner up! That's why Tanner isn't in any of the pictures, he was still in bed!
Dad and Tan roasting mallows!

Can you see the layer of dirt on his face? :)

Carter and Meesh, the Gangsters!

The boys fishing with Papa Perry...

Tanner telling stories!

What a fun trip! Until next year....