January 4, 2011

Christmas Magic

We had such an amazing Christmas!  We finished the Christmas show with two great performances on the 23rd, and then the celebrating began!  Christmas Eve we spent with the Cartwright family.  I'm sad I didn't get more pictures of my boys and their cousins!  My parents spoiled all of us rotten, especially the boys.  They love their new chairs, and toys!  Thanks Mom and Dad for a great Christmas Eve!

We left that night and made the drive to Sun Valley, the most magical place on earth!  We got there, and Grandma Davis had made costumes to do the nativity story.  My boys really got into it, especially Carter. 

Christmas morning.
What do I do with that hair!?!?

The best part of the trip!  Swimming in the "really big hot tub" if you ask Hayden!

Sitting in Santa's sleigh.

Listening to the carolers.  :)

This boy was fun to carry around...

What a fun trip, and a great Christmas!  
Thanks Mom Davis for the fun memories, Sun Valley truly was Magical!