September 22, 2007

Great News!

We have an announcement! We are expecting! We are so excited, and the boys can't wait to have a new baby. We had them tell our families that mommy is having a baby. It took them a minute to figure out what Tanner was saying but they were all very excited. May 5th, 2008 is the big day! We already think its going to be a boy. I kind of find myself wanting another boy because I know boys very well. I posted a few pics of Carter and Tanner when they were both a couple of weeks old. Its fun to compare them and try to picture what our next squishy baby will look like. We love you all!

Carter Baby

Tanner Goose

September 18, 2007

Messy Tanner

Tanner wanted to color a picture a few days ago and ended up coloring more on himself instead. He was so proud of himself. What a cute face!