September 18, 2007

Messy Tanner

Tanner wanted to color a picture a few days ago and ended up coloring more on himself instead. He was so proud of himself. What a cute face!


Susanna George said...

Erin, I love these pictures of Tanner. He has such a sweetness to him, it makes my heart melt. It was so great to see you the other day, you look AMAZING!!!! Let me know when you guys are settled in Logan again and maybe we could meet up at the park or something. LOVE Susanna
P.S. What's up with our blog backgrounds?

Brad Leishman said...

Reminds me of the time when TJ found his mom's lipstick in high school.

Susanna George said...

I found it at www.matiekay.blogspot.com
They are super cute.

Lane & Elise said...

Hey- did I hear a rumor that Ms. Rigby is getting married?!!!!