April 15, 2008


I just thought I would put an update on everything going on with us. Pickleville has officially started and boy are we excited! We're doing two great shows this year, "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and "Chuck Wagon's Wild West Showdown". It's fun to watch the boys watch their daddy in rehearsal, especially Tan Man. He cries every time we try to pull him away from it. Carter, on the other hand, would "shoot hoops" all day if given the option. He loves it so much that he often forgets to go potty in the toilet because he's so focused on making shots. That could be slightly embarrassing if he ever makes it to the NBA.

Our new one is on the way soon ... we hope. Contractions are happening annoyingly often so we've got to be getting close, right? This new one is really going to throw Cart and Tan for a loop I think. It will be so fun to watch them take care of their little brother. Keep checking the blog for updates and we'll let you know when Hayden decides to grace us with his little presence! In the mean time, here are some cute pictures of our Tan Man's cute face.

Baby Animal Days

I'm sure many of you went to Baby Animal Days, but if not, you need to next year! We took the three boys and they loved it. Carter has been asking to ride a horse since last year at Baby Animal Days. I'm a bad mom! They loved holding the rabbits, and the baby ducks. Sorry there are a million pictures!

Hogle Zoo Trip

The boys have been wanting to go to the zoo for weeks now. We spent the day at the zoo and then went and picked up Chel and Elliot. It was such a fun day with Ty and Kenz!