April 15, 2008

Baby Animal Days

I'm sure many of you went to Baby Animal Days, but if not, you need to next year! We took the three boys and they loved it. Carter has been asking to ride a horse since last year at Baby Animal Days. I'm a bad mom! They loved holding the rabbits, and the baby ducks. Sorry there are a million pictures!


Melissa said...

Erin! I have always wanted to go to baby animal days! I just always forget. You are such a good mom for taking your boys! I love the pictures... especially Tanner holding the bunny. So adorable!

Susanna George said...

I don't know what it is about seeing little kids with baby animals, it just melts my heart. I love seeing little Elliot there too. Man Erin, your kids just get cuter and cuter, I love it!!