May 27, 2012

Hayden my Preschool Boy

Hayden gets to do swimming and tumbling lessons when he goes to preschool. We got to go watch him "show off" his skills that he has learned throughout the year. He is amazing!

My Hayden is growing up so much, and I can't stand it!  I love this boy!

Soccer STARS!

Carter and Tanner played on separate soccer teams this year.  We could have moved Tanner up, but we wanted him to be the star of his team.  And he was amazing!  His highest scoring game was 12 goals.  He also scored 11 one game as well.  He had such a cute little team.  Carter is really amazing too!  He scored a bunch of goals, and improved so much throughout the season.  He loved playing goalie, but he was super talented at every position.  It was so fun to watch my boys!  TJ coached both of their teams, which kept us really busy!  The boys loved having him for a coach!

Next year they will get to be on the same team!  Can't wait!  :)