February 8, 2007

Merry Go Round

This is the merry go round that is in the mall by our house. Carter loved it, but I think Daddy loved it more! This was on a Saturday, and we had just gone shopping for a few hours. Can you believe that TJ is still smiling! I can't!

TJs Birthday

TJs birthday was so fun. I think it was the most fun for Carter and Tanner who got to eat the cake all by themselves. We had a fun dinner together and then TJ and I went to a show. It was fun to get away for a minute.

Crazy Hats

Are they going to be cowboys or harley dudes? Who knows!

Dereks Bball Games

My boys just love to go to their Uncle Diesels basketball games. They are such a handful running around the gym though. They both want to grow up and play basketball just like Uncle Dies!