The Davis Corner

The Davis Corner

April 11, 2011

Tanner Goose

My boys are all growing up so fast!  I need to journal about each one of them, and I decided to start with Tanner.  
Tanner is the sweetest boy you would ever meet.  He has such a tender heart.  He was born with an inner desire to do good.  His preschool teacher told me that he is friends with everyone in his class.  She said that he tries to include everyone.  I love that he is so kind!

Hayden is in love with Tanner.  They have one on one time on Tuesday and Thursday, and they love it!  Hayden will just follow Tanner around all day, and Tanner doesn't even mind.  He helps Hayden, plays with him, and makes him feel so special.  

Tanner holds KJ at least 20 times a day.  Most of the time he picks him up by himself and scares Mommy to death.  He LOVES Kace!  He protects him from Hayden's craziness.  Kace will see Tanner, and start to smile.  It's really cute.  
You know who else loves Tanner?  Mckenna.  Anytime we go to a play place, she has a hold of his hand.  It is the cutest thing ever!  He helps her through the tunnels, and down the slides.  She is in love with my Tanner Goose! 

We have been talking with the boys about talents lately, and how we have to use them for good.  Tanner has so many talents.  One day we were just talking, and Tanner asked if we could name all of his talents.  We got past 10, and he had a huge grin on his face.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Some of the things we named were gymnastics, basketball, helping his brothers, being kind to everyone, drawing, reading, cooking with Mom, making Kace smile, and the list went on and on!  He really is such a good boy.  

Tanner has a tumbling class in preschool that he goes to once a week.  I knew he was really good at it, because he would practice his cartwheels and round offs at home.  One day out of nowhere he did a back flip onto the couch.  So when I got a phone call from the head coach of the gymnastics program, I wasn't too surprised.  He called and told me that Tanner had done two back handsprings by himself in class that day, and he wanted to offer him a gymnastics scholarship.  He gets to take classes twice a week for 2 hours, for free!  The class is mostly older kids, so he gets a little intimidated.  He keeps saying he doesn't want to do it because he is scared.  I hope we can lovingly convince him to keep at it!  TJ and I joke that when he is 18, and 6'7, nobody will be offering him a gymnastics scholarship!  :)
Lately Tanner wants to read all by himself just like Carter does.  He will pick up a book and sound out words all by himself.  He is so smart!  Hopefully by the time summer is over we will have him reading like his big brother.  

Tanner will eat anything!  And he is proud of it!  He always says, hey Mom, I eat everything huh?  And then he will say, except for tomatoes, and broccoli.  But for real, I will put a plate of dinner in front of him, and he will eat it.  He likes everything I make!  I love it!  He not only likes everything, he eats a ton of food!  He is going to be a big boy!  How am I ever going to keep four huge boys fed when they are teenagers!?!?  

Tanner loves the men in his life.  His favorite thing to do is anything with Dad.  Grandpa Perry is one of his bestest friends.  He loves his Uncles too.  He could hang out and tell stories with Andy for days.  He will mention how he misses Papa Wee too.  He loves his Grandpa's!
Tanner loves listening to music on my ipod.  He actually asked me the other day if he could get an ipod for his birthday!  He's 5!  Ipod's already!  But honestly, he walks around the house with his "ear things" in and belts out songs from Shrek the Musical, The Music Man, Bandito, Crazy for You, Tarzan, and the list goes on!  

I could go on and on about Tanner all day!  He is such a special boy.  He is always trying to choose the right, and be helpful.  I'm so grateful that I have him as an example to his cousins, and to me.  I love his beautiful brown eyes, and his handsome smile. 
I love you Tanner!  
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