February 21, 2008

We Want Spring!!!

My boys have been begging to ride their bikes for about 2 weeks. I finally gave in since the sidewalks are clear now. We went on a wagon ride around the block, and then they rode their bikes up and down the sidewalk. It was freezing cold! The boys would have stayed out for another hour but my face was hurting. They are just going to have to wait for Daddy to take them again. I love my cute boys.

February 20, 2008

I'm Trying to be Like......

I wanted to write this story down because it is so adorable. For those of you who don't know, TJ's little brother Derek is on a mission. Tanner can't say his name very well, and so he calls him Garrett. Well the other day Grandma Davis, Ty, and Kenz came to see the boys new bunk beds, and they asked Tanner to finish the saying I'm trying to be like ______, and Tanner said Garrett. We all laughed pretty hard, and then I think we all ended up with tears in our eyes. I'm glad my boys have such a great example to follow. Thanks Garrett for being such a great missionary and uncle! P.S. This is the little board the boys helped me make for their room. Cute!