September 28, 2012

KJ Monkey

This might be picture overload.
I have to do it though.
He is just the cutest thing in my world.

Best day ever. :)

September 27, 2012


I just got back from the boys school.  Carter thought I had forgotten his lunch.
It was in his backpack.  Silly boy.  I walked out to recess to find him, and ran right
into the cutest thing.  Carter playing football with all of his friends, and Tanner. 
Tanner comes home from school so proud that he played with the
2nd and 3rd graders, and Carter just smiles.  What an amazing brother.

I find them in the same bed in the morning, even though they have their own rooms.
It's usually Carter going to find Tanner.  Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when
he sent us Tanner so soon after we had Carter.  He knew they would be best friends.
He knew they would look after each other. 

So as I was leaving their school today, Tanner turned and said, "but mom I don't want to stay."
Of course he has his brother right there to say, "it's ok Tan, it's almost time to go home,
and we get to ride bikes."  Sweetest boy. 

What a boring life it would be for Carter, without his Tan Man.  And I know Tanner
wouldn't be the boy he is today without his Cart. 

Now if we could only figure out how to make them stop growing up. 

First day of school.  Carter 2nd grade, Tanner 1st grade.