September 13, 2008

Shootin' Hoops & Playin' Baseball

My boys LOVE shootin' hoops, and TJ loves that they love it! We went to Grandma Davis' house today just so they could play on her hoop. It was such a warm beautiful day today! What a stud!
Carter looks so old in this picture! :(
Here comes Carter's basketball!
They love to slam dunk it!

Tanner's sad boy face.

(Man I love these boys)


Kristina said...

What cute pictures, Erin! You're really good. It's so fun to see these boys grow up.

Kasi French said...

Super cute pictures Erin! The boys are getting so big!!!

Chelsea said...

Carter does look so old. Wow I am missing out. What a fun time.

Emily J. said...

Alright Erin you can't let those boys get too good at basketball. Landon is destined to be their point guard. Today he had his 5 year check up and he is only 12% for height. i am not going to tell Ben because on Sunday he was so depressed when in primary he saw that Landon was a full head shorter than anyone else in the class. What can I say he only got 1/2 of my genes. It is not ALL my fault.