September 18, 2006

Build A Bear Trip

We went as a family to the Gateway mall, just to walk around and be together. We stopped by the Build a Bear just so Carter could look around, we weren't going to buy him one. Well we waited to Carter to play with all of the animals, and when it was time to go, Carter didn't want to put them back. After Carter gave Dad the lip and eyes, he got to choose whichever one he wanted. He chose the puppy, stuffed it, put a heart in it, washed it, and named it Spike. He carried it on his shoulders all the way through the mall. That was a fun day!


The McKellar's said...

I love your highlights Erin! And Tanner at Carter are adorable! I can't believe how fast they are growing!!! I love your Blog- it's so much easier than email everyone pictures

Anonymous said...

hey these are the most cutest boys i have ever seen love tyrali