June 30, 2009

Family Fun Day!

TJ has been crazy busy lately, so we decided to take a day and have some fun! We took the boys to Hogle Zoo, and then to the fountains at the Gateway Mall. I'll be honest, they liked the fountains way more than the zoo. I think Hayden liked the zoo the most of all. They really just wanted to ride the train. :)

Mapping out the way!

Hayden had a hard day!

Ty and Hayd, best buds!

Riding the merry-go-round!

The train ride! Finally!!!

Carter & Elliot

My nephew Cade. It was fun to have him with us for the day!

Cute Carter face.

Gettin' soaked!

Kenz & Hayd

Ummmm, this doesn't look comfortable to me, but Carter sure had fun! Thanks for a great family day everyone!


Sarah said...

Super cute pics - what a fun day! Oh, and congrats on the big 200! That's a whole lot of posting, but keep it up, 'cause it's fun to read about your darling family.