October 31, 2008


We had to go trick-or-treating a day early because of Tanner's tonsils. This was last night after Whit's volleyball game. The boys dressed up as Juanito Bandito and Chuck Wagon, and our families loved their costumes!

Grandma Kathy's House:
Notice how my boys stand like their characters. If anyone out there saw the show this summer, you can understand why they are standing like this!

My Aunt Trudy & Uncle Randy's House:

My Parents House:

(My Dad in the scary mask)
Carter wouldn't get by my dad with his mask on! :)

Grandma & Grandpa Larsen's House:


Lacey said...

Your boys look great! Isn't it nice to have family so close, to make things like early trick-or-treating possible!? Hope you had lots of fun!

Beachbummin said...

Your little family in their Halloween costumes look great!

Chelsea said...

It is so funny to me that in EVERY picture Carter is making the same face. Cutest kids ever! I need to just take a little bite of that cute Hayden. Only 20 more days!!!

Gunnell Fam said...

What fun costumes they are wearing. They look so cute!

Cam + Haley said...

I love, love LOVE that your kids were Juanito Bandito and Chuck Wagon. It was a highlight of my day. And Hayden is so cute as a little devil... Hope Tanner is feeling better and your cute family is doing well!

Michele Ringer said...

These are so cute!! I love the picture of Grandma Kathy and the boys... They're all adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin-
I don't have a blog - but I love looking at yours!! I am using Carrie's blog! I just had to tell you that I am so sad Tanner had his tonsils out. Three of my children had their tonsils out - Michele, Eric, and Blake. Blake was only 3 and he recovered the fastest! But it is not fun. My favorite thing you have written on your blog is how much you love being a mother!! You have a great "mother heart" and that is a blessing!! Love, Melinda

The Gardner Trio said...

Your boys are adorable! Love the costumes! They look like they have such fun personalities to go along with their costumes!