April 8, 2012


We took a few quick pictures just to show the world how handsome our boys were today!  I am so in love with all of their cute faces.  KJ wasn't feeling well, and so he isn't all dressed up like them.  He sure did look cute today though in his tie!  I am so thankful that I am their Mom.  I hate that they are growing up.  So here they are, the handsomest boys in the world.....

 Poor sick baby KJ.  :(

I am one lucky Mom.  
Happy Easter! 


Sarah said...

When did your boys just grow right up?! They look so handsome in their Easter Sunday clothes. What an awesome mom you are!

Chelsea said...

Oh my heck those boys are handsome. Tanner has some serious swag. I LOVE it!! Cutest mom too!