July 3, 2007

Bee Sting

The other day at Grandma Davis' Carter had a great experience with a swarm of bees. He wanted to get on the swings, so I lifted him up and turned around to get Tanner, and the next thing I know there were about 5 or 6 bees around his face. I started swinging at them, and grabbed Carter and Tanner and we ran in the house. Carter screamed for about 30 minutes, and then he started to swell. Well that night after we had gone to bed, Carter woke up crying and slapping his face saying that there were bees on him. It was really sad, he was a very scared boy.


Susanna George said...

Oh my gosh, that is so scary!!! When he swole up like that, did you have to see a doctor or does it swell down on its own?
He still looks adorable with little bee stings!

Trisha said...

oh so sad! You saved the day it looks like! Like Susanna asked, did you do anything for the stings? like benadryl or were they fine on their own?