July 13, 2007

Diesels Mission Call

This past Wed. Derek got his mission call. We were all bummed last week when he didn't get it. Him and TJ went down to the post office because they wouldn't call him back and let him know if it was there. TJ called to let us know he got it, and everybody started running around screaming! Mom was loudest of course. We had to wait for Shar and Andy, and Grandma and Grandpa Larsen to get to the house before he could open it. Derek couldn't wait and started to peak in the envelope. He saw where he was going and then told TJ! So he knew before everyone else. Anyway, he is going to the Philippines! He will be speaking Tagalog. We are all so excited for him, especially Grams Larsen, who jumped higher then any Grandma should when he read it. She was going crazy, it was so exciting, because her and Grandpa also served in the Philippines. WOW! What a day! We are going to miss our Diesel! We love you!


Trisha said...

WOW. that's fantastic!!! Congrats to him!
BTW- The show was sooooo fun last night! You were great!- so was Diesel:)